The laboratory's History


Since the foundation in 1938 of the Italian Institute of Hydrobiology, 2002-2018 Institute for Ecosystem Study and from October 2018 Water Research Institute, the water chemistry laboratory has been an essential support for the large number of limnological studies performed.

The most important multi-year studies, which began in the fifties with an interdisciplinary approach to research the two major environmental problems of industrialised countries, are:

  • the eutrophication of lake waters
  • the acidification of atmospheric deposition and surface waters
  • the industrial pollution of Lake Orta (trace metals and acidification)
  • the effect of climate warming on the lakes hydrochemistry

A detailed description of the instruments and methods used from the 40s to 1996 is given in the volume (italian language):

Tartari, G.A. & R. Mosello. 1997. Metodologie analitiche e controlli di qualità nel laboratorio chimico dell'Istituto Italiano di Idrobiologia del Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche. Documenta Ist. ital. Idrobiol., 60: 160 pp.